An Open Source User Behaviour Data Exchange Protocol

Need For Zohem?

User Behaviour Data

Digital Advertising is a $200Bn USD industry, of which Google & Facebook (The duopoly) control over 74% of the revenues and 99% of the growth. Digital advertising is a buyer’s economy, ie. he who gathers the advertisers, will control the economy. Now, advertisers need user behaviour data to take buying decisions. This User behaviour data, rightly called the oil of the internet economy, is primarily aggregated by Google & Facebook (though it is not owned by them, but merely aggregated). Hence, they attract the largest pool of advertisers, and thus dictate their percentage commissions for match making between advertisers and publishers, leading to a market monopoly, resulting in lower revenues for publishers and higher marketing costs for advertisers.

What Zohem does?

Decentralization of Data and Blockchain for Transparency

We believe the duopoly can’t be broken until someone else has an equally good user behaviour data pool. No one publisher has enough data to challenge the duopoly, but everybody together can. Zohem creates a decentralized open source blockchain smart contract based platform for online publishers to pool in their data and in return get rewarded with zohem tokens which are then bought by advertisers to take inventory buying decisions. Thus, Zohem is bringing a data economy revolution that removes the monopoly of some big players and brings decentralized trust and incentivization to this system through blockchain.

A Competitive Market

As a consequence of the open data economy, Advertisers can then buy inventory from publishers without needing Google or Facebook as mediators. A competitive market can thrive, where publishers get a larger share for their hard work of engaging users and advertisers still end up paying less for the same ad inventory.

How does Zohem work?

Zohem’s Decentralised Approach to Advertising is a Paradigm Shift

Publishers can monetise their user data effectively by adding it to a decentralised data layer

Advertisers get better targeting options by using accurate user data from numerous publishers

Users can audit transactions concerning their data, which are recorded on a blockchain

The Approach

Zohem’s 3-layered data exchange protocol mechanism

The Core takes in raw data from publishers, validates it, gives it a confidence score, and compensates the contributors

The Mantle processes data from the Core and turns it into a digestible format for use by advertisers for ad targeting

The Crust provides a set of APIs to build third party apps, such as recommendation engines, using data from the Core

Zohem Data Token (ZDT)

What bitcoin did was decentralisation of accounting, that who owned how much money, for its calculation we did not need the banks anymore, and thus was able to challenge the centralized monopolies. In the same manner, we are decentralising user data collection on the internet, bringing it on blockchain and thus dethroning the monopoly of google and facebook.

Like bitcoin created a parallel economy which is growing immensely fast and challenging the existing economy, in the same manner we are creating a parallel economy on backbone of Zohem Data Token for the world of content which will soon grow to challenge the existing economy.

like bitcoin grew because its mining did not take anything significant from its users, their unutilised processing power, but gave something of value to them, in the same manner, Zohem takes user activity data from publishers in background, and in return gives them zohem tokens. The more publishers we onboard, the greater the demand for the data by advertisers and greater the value of ZDTS. Its just like bitcoin, whose value increases with network effects.

Just as bitcoin gave us financial freedom, Zohem is here to give us freedom of expression, everyone will be free to publish and advertise whatever they wish to.

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Company Roadmap

An outline of Zohem's chronicles and a projected future


  • December 2016

    Research for Potential Product

    Discussions on scope of data layer in AdTech
    Research to analyse scope of DMP

  • March 2017

    Technologists Onboarding

    Build a team of developers and marketers
    Competitive research to understand market
    Approached AdTech & Blockchain enthusiasts

  • September 2017

    Product Blueprint

    Created blueprint of decentralised data layer

  • December 2017


    Whitepaper completed
    Presale and ICO Infrastructure finalised
    Website goes live

  • March 2018

    Presale & Advisors

    Presale Talks Starts
    Finalising Advisory Committee

  • April 2018

    Token Generation Event

    Zohem Public ICO
    Phase 1 of Data Inference Engine goes Live
    Open Source Code on GitHub

  • July 2018

    Alpha Launch of Mainnet and WebSDK

    Data collection from publishers commences
    Dashboard for publishers goes live
    ZDT distribution to publisher through smart contract begins

  • October 2018

    5M Data Points / day

    5 million data points on data layer per day
    Android and iOS SDK live
    Publishers’ Data Stream live

  • Jan 2019

    15M Data Points / day

    Advertiser APIs go Live
    15 million data points from publishers per day
    Research on decentralisation of database
    Data Inference Engine (Phase 2)

  • May 2019

    30M Data Points / day

    100k data queries from advertisers per day
    15 million data points from publishers per day
    Data Inference Engine (Phase 3) completed


The Team

The brilliant minds working on making Zohem a success

Nikunj Jain

Chief Executive Officer

Nikunj is a prominent serial entrepreneur and angel investor. His 1st company was an android gaming studio that got over 150Mn downloads. His 2nd was a celebrity Q&A video social network for which he raised 2.6M USD from Venture capitalists including Matrix Partners (early investors in Apple with 2.4Bn USD AUM). Having spent last 7 years in running ad-monetized businesses lead him to developing a deeper understanding of Ad-tech industry and challenges faced by publishers. He also runs LedgerFund, a 10M USD crypto Hedge Fund.

Ayush Varshney

Chief Technical Officer

Ayush, a geek at heart, who co-founded his first company, Bluegape, in college, which went onto become India's most popular blogging platform that supported 100M monthly unique visitors. Ayush's second product, Murmur was funded by Google and was part of 1st batch of Google's Launchpad Accelerator. Ayush has been contributing to blockchain projects for last 20 months.

Sumit Gupta

Chief Operation Officer

Sumit, a serial entrepreneur, raised capital from Marquee Institutional Investors and sold his first company, Grownout, an AI and social profiling based referral recruitment platform. Sumit then started India's first ad supported internet radio platform for retail outlets. Sumit has been secretly mining bitcoins in his fathers warehouse since 2013.

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